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From Chaos to Calm

3 game-changing secrets to help you take control of your day… even if you feel like each day is different, things come up, and you currently feel like you’re ‘starting over’ every week.

Here's What You'll Learn

Secret #1

How to eliminate the When-You-Give-a-Moose-a-Muffin scenarios when your kid asks you for a snack you end up cleaning your whole house because 'things come up.' I'm going to share the secret of how to get everything done without getting pulled in a million directions.

Ready to own your precious time instead of having your agenda hijacked each day? Say good-bye to time suckers - here's what
to do instead!

Secret #2

How to stop saying "I'll start Monday" and actually take daily steps toward a healthier, happier you!

Stop just making lists (where did you put that notebook again?) It's time to finally get stuff crossed off! Learn how to follow through AND make some serious progress on your goals in the easiest way possible.

Secret #3

No matter how much you have on your plate, you have 10 extra hours in your week. (Seriously!) I'll show you where they're hidden so you can live a life you love instead of one you want to escape from.

"I'm so busy" will be a thing of the past! The extra hours are there, it's just hard to see when you're stuck in the weeds. I'll walk you through how to discover how to get your time back.

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I had trouble feeling rushed in my life, like I was always spinning my kids activities, my personal endeavors, and my relationships into a fast paced schedule - driving too fast, often late and always multitasking…my life was SO out-of-control…Once I started really honing in on my priorities I’ve been able to focus on the MOST important thing… and I’ve been able to create my life from my priorities instead of just reacting all the time….Now I’m able to really LIVE my life."

Elan E.

“The biggest thing that has changed is my relationships with my kids (and that’s not even why I started this work)… I’ve been able to really focus on what’s important to me. I have a concrete plan for the goals in my life and I’m making them happen… My self-confidence has improved and I’m so much happier…”

Brianna E.

I'm going to teach you the single most important skill to make all of your dreams a reality TODAY!

In this free training, I’m going to show you how you can make the ultimate shift from feeling distracted and pulled in a million directions to being able to create balance and consistently work on your dreams...

…even if you feel like your routines don’t
stick long-term.

Instead of spinning, feeling stressed, falling behind, playing catch-up, 'starting over' each week, and feeling frustrated you aren't making any progress...

You were able to experience the excitement, joy, and relief of making steady, consistent progress toward your goals and dreams and work on the things that matter the most!

Imagine the transformation in

your life when you can...

  • Consistently arrive on time, fully prepared, and ready to shine.

  • Indulge in a book or a relaxing bath without a trace of guilt.

  • Radiate the confidence of someone who's got it all together, inspiring others.

  • Cross that half marathon finish line and embrace a healthier you.

  • Have time to get the home-cooked meals you want to serve on the table.

The key to unlocking it all?

The answers are in the training!


“I have been blown away with Janeen’s ability to help me close the gap between where I am and where I want to be in all aspects of my life. I’ve discovered how to tap into my biggest dreams and work toward accomplishing anything from small projects to things I didn’t think were possible.”

Alicia S.

"I've been able to rocket my life forward in a way that I could not have done on my own. It would have taken me years of reading and studying and applying what I learned (and I wouldn't have done it) to figure out what I've learned in a few months... Before, I felt like I gave my life for my kids, and that was okay, because I love them. But I can act on my love more now. I have more to give. I am present in their lives in a way that I wasn't before."

Meagan. S.

My name is Janeen and I am the CEO of my life and I am living my dream.

I'm a peacefully productive mom of 4, life coach, business owner, yoga teacher, and a super fan of The Chosen.

Before I knew how to design my life from what I really wanted, take ownership of my time, go after my dream, and truly enjoy myself...

I was a stressed out "yes" mom and a go-to people pleaser.

I felt like my worth depend on DOING and constantly giving - which left me drained, frazzled, and inconsistently working the same goals (over and over). Which was so frustrating.

My kids will tell you there is a big difference between the "before" and "after." The outside pictures look about the same, but the way I show up now - calm, present, fun - is night and day different from the old me - distracted, stressed, yelling, and unable to enjoy the life I was trying to create.

Fast-forward to now: I have incredible relationships with my kids, I've created a business that I love, I teach yoga a couple times a week, and I'm the finisher of 3 half ironman triathlons. I love my life because I know the real secrets to following through (and they're probably not
what you think).

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“I was eating out typically 2x/day; I had so much brain fog it was hard to concentrate or be productive; I drank 48-64 oz of soda/day - I seriously needed it to function; I was depressed and anxious; I didn't have a schedule and I was reactive all day; I was addicted to sugar... I was just exhausted! I can't tell you the number of times I'd grab a notebook and I'd say, "Ok, this is going to be my schedule... " and it would never last! Now, I feel like everything has changed! I'm no longer addicted to sugar. I don't need my soda. My brain fog is gone! I have so much energy! I take better care of myself than I ever have before. And I have a schedule! Every week I'm getting better at building systems to support myself! The biggest shift for me has been HOPE! I finally have hope that I can actually do the things that matter to me! I'm confident I can master things and create the life I want to live. It's exciting!"

Katie L.